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Hi, here in this page are some of things I've worked and read outside of professional work, mostly related to programming.

  1. Blog - himynameisthirdy
  2. Books and Interesting Materials I've read / am reading - link
  3. Path of Exile Open Source Projects:

    • PoE-TradeMacro - AutoHotKey script to automate HTTP calls to like price checking. This tool had become very popular for the game and has been maintained and grown by the community.
    • ExileTrade - A Search website specialized in finding items for trade. It features search by terms instead of a search form similar to a search engine powered by ElasticSearch. This is a collaborative project where I worked on the JavaScript parts.

    • Durian - Predecessor to ExileTrade, it features the same concept of search by terms but as a Java Swing Desktop Application. This tool acts as a layer on top of popular search site called It works by emulating HTTP requests to and web scraping it’s html respone. The tool was popular for it’s automated search feature.

    • Blackmarket - An experimental search tool I made in the past using JavaFX 8 and Java 8. It uses ElasticSearch.

    • Forgotten Mods - A chrome extension providing Quality of Life features to It heavily uses JQuery in order to modify the website.

  4. Old profile - link

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